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Guiding Educational Principles

Guiding Educational Principles

At PCS we believe that education should be:


By nurturing students in Christ-like living, critical thinking and joyful service, we educate not only to inform but also transform. We create learning experiences to help shape students’ Christian faith and develop within them an understanding of their identity in Christ. We seek to develop a Christian worldview in our students by infusing their learning with biblical truths, continually orienting them toward Christ with the deep hope that they will come to love, serve and desire the Kingdom of God.

Rooted in Belonging

Students are drawn into the learning process when they are known and loved within a school community. We believe that each child is uniquely created in the image of God, and we delight to know them personally.  As one-of-a-kind image-bearers, we recognize that students learn in a variety of ways. As such, we respond to student diversity by providing varied and accessible instructional approaches that reflect students’ curiosities, strengths, needs and personal goals.


Deep learning equips students to influence the world. Students are nurtured to be faithful citizens in God’s world by connecting their learning to diverse contexts. Students engage in creating beautiful work that has purpose, complexity and meaning. We seek relevant audiences for students to connect their work to the broader community, which deepens their learning. Through this, students experience their role as active and creative participants in God’s story.


Joyful service is a faithful response to the transformational work of God in our lives. We understand that God’s story is one of redemption and restoration, and that His plan for restoration includes us as participants. We provide opportunities for students to serve others, with the deep hope that they develop a life-long desire to be servant-workers as Christ modeled for us.