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High School Team

To dwell in shalom is to find delight in living rightly before God, to find delight in living rightly in one’s physical surroundings, to find delight in living rightly with one’s fellow human beings, and to find delight even in living rightly with oneself.”

Nicholas Wolterstorff

Angie Bingham

Math / Science

Tom Bingham

Educational Assistant

Jenna Blakemore

Educational Assistant

Anna Brougham

Educational Assistant

Sarah Carrie

International Program Coordinator

Julie Cunningham


Sekel Deacon


Rick Fletcher

English / Christian Studies

Laura Gerlinsky

Information Technology / Math

Deirdre Hawthorne

LSS Coordinator - Learning Assistance

Julia Haazen

LSS Coordinator - Special Education

Sarah Hein

Educational Assistant

Lorna Herzog

Secondary Principal

Matthew Howe

Music / Drama / Foods

Kristen Hutchinson


Stacey Jacobson

Art / Humanities

Tim Kamsteeg

Social Studies/Tech

Grace Kim

International Counsellor

Gabe Kremler

Secondary Vice Principal / Humanities

Sean Lampard-Quicke

Elem Music & Band / Sec Senior Band

Andrea Loussarian

Educational Assistant

Alejandro Lozano

Educational Assistant

Lehm Maguire

Educational Assistant

Barb Martin

French / Drama

Brad Mathewson

English / Social Studies / Christian Perspectives

Kristin Mathewson


Gavin McGhee

Educational Assistant

Sue McKerracher


Bonnie Michaelis

Educational Assistant

Sue Milroy


Neil Mossie

Science / Math

Kimberley Munro

Educational Assistant

Michael Myers

Educational Assistant

Sara Plumpton

English / Christian Studies

Becky Roosma

Outdoor Education / Math

John Ruch

English / Christian Studies

Neil Ryan

Science / Humanities

Lorna Sainsbury

Educational Assistant

Zuri Spelt

Elem EA / Sec Spanish

Jen Stewart

Physical Health Education / Humanities

John Stewart

Athletics Director / Physical Education

Paul Teel

Mathematics / Christian Studies / Philosophy

Jessica Ticknor

Educational Assistant

Becky Tuffin

Yearbook / Christian Studies / Home Ec.

Lucas Tuffin

Educational Assistant

Simon Tuffin

Post-Secondary / Career Life

Ralph Vanbruggen

Art / Physical Health Education

Susan Watts


Karen Jackson

Educational Assistant