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International Tuition and Fees

Sept 2020 – June 2021

Homestay Fee $950/month
International Registration Fee (per family) $300
On-line ESL (secondary school only) $850/level
International Tuition $17,500

Base tuition includes medical insurance and the study permit renewal consultation fees.


Tuition at Pacific Christian School is determined by a family’s immigration status.  Please note that all students in their first year will be charged as Category 1, regardless of their immigration status.

Category 1.

  • International students who have a Study Permit and are either living with their parent(s) or in a homestay pay the full International tuition (see above).
  • International students who are Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents but whose parents do not reside in the Province of British Columbia will pay the full international tuition (see above).

Category 2 – Funded International

  • International students whose parents have a Work or Study permit and reside in the Province of British Columbia will pay the International Tuition rate less the Provincial Government grant (the 2020/21 grant is $4,535).
  • Must meet requirements for length of work or study permit in order to receive a government grant for child’s tuition.

Additional Fees:  

1.    First year registrants must pay the registration fee of $300.  This fee must be included at the time of registration.  Registrations will not be considered if this fee has not been paid.
2.    All new students are required to attend the New Student Orientation Program, which is offered in August.  The fee for this program is $2,000.
3.    All new students in grades 8-12 are required to pay for one level of ON-LINE ESL Instruction.  The fee for one level is $850.  If an additional level of ON-LINE ESL is required, students will be invoiced when they are ready to begin the next level.
4.    Like all students at Pacific Christian School, if a student is involved in special programs such as extra-curricular sports, outdoor education programs or special school trip, i.e. ski trip, Missions Mexico, Japan or France, the student will be asked to pay the additional expenses.

Notes about tuition payments:

1.    All returning students are required to pay the full tuition prior to May 1 in order to secure a place in the school for the upcoming year.
2.    All new students are required to pay the full tuition before official documents are sent.
3.    Cheques or Bank Drafts are to be made payable to Pacific Christian School. For both wiring of money and cheques, please make sure you indicate your child/ren’s name(s) clearly.  Bank details for the purpose of Wire Transfers will be included on the tuition invoice.


Please look at the Refund Policy in case you change your mind about sending your child to PCS after your child has been accepted and/or started classes


If you have any questions about our International Program or ESL instruction at PCS, please do not hesitate to contact our Program Coordinator.

Sarah Carrie
International Program Coordinator

International Forms