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Planned Giving

The PCS Journey of Planned Giving

In 1954, a church community comprised of recent Dutch immigrants began to dream of a Christian School in the City of Victoria. Since most families at that time were struggling to make ends meet there was doubt on how this would come to fruition. In 1955, the tragic deaths of Ralph Numan & Mary Van Egmond, a young engaged couple who were part of this community, began the legacy of giving which sees us where we are today – over 900 students, 600 families, and 90 churches represented!

Many of the the school’s founders readily acknowledged that Pacific Christian School might not exist at all if it wasn’t for Ralph Numan’s forward thinking and vision of what could be. As told in the our anniversary book, Bright Hope forTomorrowPacific Christian School Celebrates 50 Years 1960 – 2010, “After that many of the people put their support behind the society members and plans started moving.”

Just as Ralph Newman inspired the school’s founders, many donors like you continue to inspire us with your legacy gifts.  Your life experiences vary but you all share the common belief that Pacific Christian School needs support now and to equip future generations to come.

We look forward to helping you explore various estate planning options for all ages.
For more information please contact Chris Berghuis in the Advancement Office.

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