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Preschool and Junior Kindergarten Fees

Fees per child for Junior Kindergarten (4 year olds, 4 afternoons/week):
$3,900 ($390/month)

Note: There is no reimbursement or reduction in fees for holidays or trips during the school year.

We must receive a pre-authorized form for preschool fees at the Business Office prior to the commencement of pre-school.

Subsidies may be available from the B.C. Government. For more information please contact your nearest Human Resources Office. It remains the parent/guardian’s responsibility for all accounts payable to the P.C.S. Business Office. Any amount outstanding from the previous month will result in care being suspended until payment in full has been received.

Please notify the PCS Business Office if you foresee a delay in payment.

Parents/guardians are required to give a minimum of one school month’s notice of a child’s withdrawal from the Pre-School and Junior Kindergarten. In lieu of one month’s notice the parents/ guardians will be charged one month’s fee when due notice is not given. Failure to notify us before June 1 that your child is not returning in September will result in a charge for September fees.