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International Refund Policy

If a student decides not to attend or leaves the PCS International Student Program, only a portion of the paid tuition fee will be refunded. The only exception is when a visa or study permit is denied (see #1 below).  In all cases, the registration fee will be retained to cover administrative expenses. The following refund policy will apply for each school year for which a student is registered.

  1. Full refund if the student authorization is not approved (original copy of rejection letter from the Embassy required).
  2. If the student withdraws prior to the date of attendance (first day he/she attends classes), two-thirds of the tuition is refundable.
  3. If the student withdraws within one month after his/her first day of classes, half of the tuition is refundable.
  4. No refund of fees after one month of attendance at school.
  5. No refund is given if a student is dismissed from school due to a serious violation of school rules, an academic or behavioural contract or if vital information has been withheld in the application.

NOTE ABOUT STATUS CHANGE: If a student’s status changes from a Temporary Resident to a Permanent Resident, the tuition is not affected until the following school year. Refunds mid-year due to gaining Permanent Resident status are not provided.


If you have any questions about our International Program or ESL instruction at PCS, please do not hesitate to contact our Program Coordinator.

Sarah Edgar
International Program Coordinator

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