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Financial Assistance

We understand that, at times, household financial situations change and additional stresses can
come to bear on a family’s ability to pay tuition at PCS. As a school, we strive to offer as much
financial support as we can. In fact, many of our existing and alumni families regularly donate to
help those who need it most.

In order for us to allocate financial assistance resources wisely and fairly, we enlist the help of
Independent School Management’s FAST (Financial Assistance for School Tuition) program.
FAST provides an independent needs-based financial assistance analysis service which includes
a recommendation of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. FAST’s
recommendations are then reviewed by the school’s Financial Assistance Team who in turn
make financial award decisions based on the school’s annual Tuition Assistance budget.

This document outlines the process of applying for financial assistance. If you have questions
while completing the application process, please call FAST directly at 1-877-326-3278.  To be
eligible to apply for tuition assistance, you must be an existing or newly accepted PCS
Note that a fee of $53 US dollars is charged by FAST to process your application (via
online credit card payment).

Most financial assistance awards have been made for the 2023/2024 school year. For further information contact

All FAST applications are handled in a secure confidential manner. While the data is held in
Canada on Canadian servers, it is reviewed by FAST in the United States. All Canadian data
privacy laws will be respected.

If you have any questions, please email