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Facility Rentals

Pacific Christian School offers facility rentals to internal and external clients.  All requests to book facilities or grounds of schools must go through the Rentals Coordinator.  School users receive first priority on bookings.

Upon receipt of a completed Facility Rental Request, the Rentals Coordinator will confirm that the booking time(s) requested does not conflict with any school or other rental bookings or with any site maintenance.  The Rentals Coordinator will contact you should there be any conflicts with the request. Rental requests are reviewed every Thursday.  Please include as much information as possible on your application to aid in the timely review of your request.

If you have any questions please email

Gymnasium Use Guidelines
Facilities & Field Rental Policies and Conditions of Use **Rental prices subject to change and will be updated annually

Note – All groups using school facilities or fields must have a minimum of $2 million commercial General Liability insurance and a minimum of $1 million Tenant Legal Liability insurance.  A copy of the insurance policy must be sent to the school via email or fax or in person delivery.

PCS Yakimovich Centre Gymnasium

Indoor and outdoor facility rentals with a variety of equipment and amenities are available .

If you wish to book the school gym or field, please complete a Facility Rental Request at least 10 days prior to your event. Once reviewed, the Facilities Coordinator will contact you directly.

Every attempt will be made to accommodate returning clients into the same facility and time slot unless a School program requires the space. Rentals may be rescheduled or canceled if a conflict with a School program arises.  Occasionally, the field will be closed if the integrity is compromised due to heavy rain or snow fall. You will be contacted directly if this occurs.

Rentals are unavailable on Sundays.

Rental requests will close June 30th of each year. All summer requests must be received prior to this date